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Fashion Jewelry Mens Fabric Real Leather Bracelets With Waterdrop And Magnetic Clasp
Dongguan Kaimei Jewelry Co.,Limited | Updated: Sep 06, 2017
First, fold two ropes, the left hand hold the midpoint, with the right thumb index finger pinch two rope (two rope can not be encountered together, leaving about 1cm distance), at the same time up or down the rope, and then loosen the left hand rope to screw together, and then the right hands and then move to repeat the previous operation. The second method is to use the rope, the two sides of the rope to pinch each other in the opposite direction of the twisted rope, twist to the required tightness will be the rope folded.

Contact Us

Address:No.9, 11th Lane, Beifang, ChongXi Street, Chongtou Industrial Park

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DONGGUAN KAIMEI JEWELRY CO., LIMITED, here, which core competence is 316L stainless steel jewelry. "Quality is life of enterprise" is our value message. Our factory is located in Dongguan jewelry Town (the famous jewelry city), Guangdong Province, specializing in producing all kinds of stainless steel jewelry, those are in excellent 316L stainless steel with best PVD plating that is Luxury watch plating standard (normally the plating colors can keep 2 years).

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