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Trend Designs Leather Jewelry Stainless Steel Real Gold Plating Double Skull And Lock Bracelets
Dongguan Kaimei Jewelry Co.,Limited | Updated: Sep 06, 2017
Secondly, it is a symbol of power. In the very simple primitive society, human beings to the nature to obtain food, to overcome the ferocious beast, it is undoubtedly necessary courage and strength. In primitive people's eyes, the Beast is full of power, its sharp claws, hard bones and beautiful fur must have played an important role. Thus, after capturing these beasts, humans eat what can be eaten, they wear their bones, teeth and so on in a string on the body, thinking that this will absorb the power of the beast, can rely on it to conquer ferocious beasts. It seems that from these original jewelry, the primitive people have some kind of spiritual comfort and strength.

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Address:No.9, 11th Lane, Beifang, ChongXi Street, Chongtou Industrial Park

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DONGGUAN KAIMEI JEWELRY CO., LIMITED, here, which core competence is 316L stainless steel jewelry. "Quality is life of enterprise" is our value message. Our factory is located in Dongguan jewelry Town (the famous jewelry city), Guangdong Province, specializing in producing all kinds of stainless steel jewelry, those are in excellent 316L stainless steel with best PVD plating that is Luxury watch plating standard (normally the plating colors can keep 2 years).

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