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Dongguan Kaimei Jewelry Co.,Limited | Updated: Sep 06, 2017
In addition, everyone said Jade easy but clean and maintenance is very difficult, how to clean and maintain the emerald? Although Jade chain small but clean go very important. Clean to be very cautious, if you are too troublesome, we can use convenient method, direct purchase of professional cleaning emerald protective agent gently wipe. But be careful not to wash with washing powder. Maintenance we can use a small brush local cleaning brush to go above the dirty things, but this small brush must be very soft kind, if not will be the jade surface brush bad, if not often wear when we can use the cloth with oil to wipe.

Contact Us

Address:No.9, 11th Lane, Beifang, ChongXi Street, Chongtou Industrial Park

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DONGGUAN KAIMEI JEWELRY CO., LIMITED, here, which core competence is 316L stainless steel jewelry. "Quality is life of enterprise" is our value message. Our factory is located in Dongguan jewelry Town (the famous jewelry city), Guangdong Province, specializing in producing all kinds of stainless steel jewelry, those are in excellent 316L stainless steel with best PVD plating that is Luxury watch plating standard (normally the plating colors can keep 2 years).

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